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I've been participating in Nanowrimo ever since 2006. It seemed wrong not to participate on what would be my tenth year, so I changed my mind.

I won't actually be writing a novel, though. I'll be planning out two series--one about my crew when they were privateers, then another after they go rogue and become pirates. I plan to write several novels in each series. It should be a piece of cake to reach 50K words with just the plans alone. I'm going for it! :D

That said, I'm trying to take it easy until then--well, except for today. I've done a lot of work today, but not on Nano stuff.

Tonight's the Kick-off Party down at our favorite coffee shop. Even though we won't be using computers for writing, I'll be taking mine along. I need to download some course lectures and other things anyway, so why not? ;)

I'm really looking forward to this, as I do every year, even if it will be different. This will be just the kick in the pants I need to get busy with this. I've been procrastinating. Even though I stay busy, I'm not always busy with what I should be doing. It will be good to get back to it.

And on that note, I've got a shower to take and a snack to eat (I never had lunch).

And daydreaming to do about the series. ;)


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I surpassed 50,000 words, and I’m happy about that. However, I’m not too happy about not reaching my secondary goal, which was to reach 60K. I came fairly close, however, as my final word count was 56,515. It’s still nothing to sneeze at, and my story, from what I can tell, is far from done.

I plan to finish this rough draft, then start revising it. During the revision process, I’m going to start posting it as a serial novel. I’ve never done this before. The most I usually do is write the first draft of a novel. Occasionally, I’ll read them, do some light proofreading, and then never look at them again. I’m not too confident in my editing skills. My best skill is coming up with the story and writing it as it comes to me. (This doesn’t mean I don’t plan my stories. I outline most of them beforehand. Occasionally, I don’t do any planning whatsoever. Other times, as with this story, I start out planning, then pants it for a while, then maybe start planning closer to the end (although I’m still in the middle with this one right now).

I’ve killed off a character I liked, but who was getting really dull. I’ve added a character I’d planned for a different story that’s pretty much going nowhere. And I only recently came up with the main villain, the purpose for the secondary villain, and some other small, yet important facts for the story.

In the midst of all this, I also roleplay (which is awesome fun and has resulted in a character I really love more than any other, a character who I want to explore a lot more), using blogs and email. This character is a journalist, and as I was telling my partner in the roleplay, he makes me want to change the world with my own writing. He really makes me want to improve on a lot of things within myself, and I love that. He’s opened my eyes to a world of possibilities, both personally and professionally, and that’s one of the things I love so much about writing him. He’s the kind of person I want to be, in spite of his faults and problems. It’s never too late. In fact, a person should never stop learning, should never stop trying to be more than he or she is at any given moment. I’ve got a long way to go before I can reach the point where I’ll be anything resembling satisfied, but I feel I’m on the right track.

Have you ever written a character like this–a character who, in the process of writing them, made you want to aspire to be more than you are?


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I've been struggling for the past two weeks over what I wanted to write here. I'm resistant to the thought of going back to a "This is what I did today" format, so I'm trying to find interesting things to share on my blog. My friend, Patti, told me to write about my passion. Right now, that's writing--but not just my own, and I'll talk about that in a minute. Right now, I just want to say that things have changed a lot for me. I don't have as much free time as I did a year ago, but in many ways, that's a very good thing. It's forcing me to grow as a writer, to learn how to better manage my time, to learn discipline, to make time for what matters (even when it seems frivolous) rather than just doing whatever strikes my fancy in the moment. While that may be well and good for some people, it's very undisciplined, and one cannot be successful letting the winds take them every which way.

In an effort to earn some extra money while having fun with something I enjoy, I've become a part of a new Web site for writers. It's called Your Story Starters, and we're trying to gear it toward writers suffering from what many refer to as "writer's block," as well as teachers looking for material for their students. We offer prompts--story starters--that will get people thinking and, of course, writing. We've seen many sites on the Internet, many books, offering prompts. Most of them are very basic, or they're just plain weird or funny or--definitely not what we're offering. We try to give some tips and questions to get the writer or student thinking, to get them excited about the piece. We're not getting these prompts from other sources. We're putting a lot of time and effort into them because we want to offer the best product out there. We want to go above and beyond what everyone else is doing. We want to put out a product we can take pride in, something that people will recommend to others.

As a result of this, I'm learning a bit about social networking. I've had a Twitter account for a long time, as well as a Facebook account and a Google+ account, but I haven't used them as much as I could have. Mainly, they just seemed very overwhelming for someone who didn't really have anything to say most of the time. Now that I have something to talk about, I find I'm actually looking for things to Tweet or update about. And I'm finding I really love our hashtags (#yss and #yourstorystarters), even if we've only just begun using them. We're not making any money with this yet, but it's only a matter of time, right? The most important thing right now is that we're having fun, but we're also treating this as a real business, because that's what it is. It's work, and hard work at that, even if it is fun work. I'm glad to be a part of this, and I plan to do my part in making it the success I believe it can be.

In other news, Nanowrimo is coming up. I have no idea what I'll write. I haven't worked out any storylines. But I think I'd like to write some kind of fantasy. I have a D&D-style story I was working on, but I want to change it to fit my own fantasy world. The character names will all remain the same, but I'll have to tweak certain details. Should be interesting. I think for this year's Nanowrimo, I'll concentrate on the character's backstories. I should have plenty of information to come up with a novella length document. :)

I also have another story in the works. I'm working on the outline. It's slowgoing, and it's not for publication. It's for the roleplay. It's an interesting concept, and there's a lot to consider in this story. I want it to be complex, but interesting. Most of all, I need the characters to be real. Shouldn't be a problem. The hardest part is plotting, which is always the case, and I've got lots to go on in that regard. I'm still really loving my character, Dakota, too!

And now for the personal stuff. Eric and Chelsey have moved back up to Joplin. I won't go into detail, but Eric's already got a job, and he's also working on their new house with Chelsey's dad. It's a ton of work. Chelsey's been really busy, too. And Josiah's started pre-school. From what I've heard, he really loves it. :)

Jeff's still working at the greenhouse, and I still can't help wondering when they'll "go out of business" again or something, but I'm trying to stay positive and learn contentment where I am. Most of the time, it's relatively easy, but there are times when it's not. Just need to keep from letting those times bog me down. Easier said than done. 'Nuf said?

My mom's here. She's been here for more than two months. It's been a good visit. I feel kind of guilty spending so much time back in the studio working on this or that, but we get time to socialize in the evenings, too. And I imagine she loves the peace and quiet as much as I do.

We're hoping to go up to Joplin before my mom goes back. When the kids moved back up there, we went with them. Jeff drove the truck, and I kept him company. This was when Isaac came through, but it wasn't really that bad. It was kind of nice, actually. And as always, it was great to see Jeff's dad and step-mom. We want to go up there again within the next six weeks. We need to sit down and discuss when would be a good time. We'll also need to head to the airport at some point, when my mom has to fly back home.

Oh! One other thing on the subject of writing--sort of. I actually won a book! I follow The Plot Whisperer, Martha Alderson, on Twitter and Facebook. I also subscribe to her email, since I tend to miss a lot of tweets and status updates. In one of the most recent e-mails, I saw that she was doing a mini tour on the Internet, and I could possibly win her new book, The Plot Whisperer Workbook: Step-By-Step Exercises To Help You Create Compelling Stories. All I had to do was comment on an entry to be eligible. I didn't expect to win anything, but I wanted to comment and let my support for The Plot Whisperer be known. I figured I'd buy the workbook after a little while, so winning wasn't really all that important to me. But I won! I actually won! :D So far, I really love it. It asks a lot of really great questions about the plot, the characters, etc. I plan to use this for my Nanowrimo book of backstories, too. It should help make my characters and their world ever more complex and realistic, as well as the main story, when I get around to creating it. :)


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It's been several days since I've posted my progress, so thought I should do that today. I've written every day this month (so far) except for the 11th, 12th, 18th, and 19th. That's 16 days' worth of writing, and only one of those was under the suggested daily amount of 1,667 words. I'm not stressing over the word count. I enjoy writing, and I write as much as I can each day. That said, looking back on what I've written, it's nice to see my stats:
Tuesday, Nov. 15 -- Daily Word Count: 4,010 | Novel's Word Count: 35,150
Wednesday, Nov. 16 -- Daily Word Count: 3,935 | Novel's Word Count: 39,085
Thursday, Nov. 17 -- Daily Word Count: 1,806 | Novel's Word Count: 47,475
Sunday, Nov. 20 -- Daily Word Count: 2,898 | Novel's Word Count: 50,373
Monday, Nov. 21 -- Daily Word Count: 1,606 | 52,044

I hope to write a little bit more. I'm about to add a new scene for Dakota. So far, the additions for his part in the storyline are going well. And now Lucky's about to meet his real dad, which really pleases me! :)

Anyway, I'm still just as excited about this story as I was when I first started planning it. I'm also looking forward to working on future stories for the series. Maybe I'll even turn them into movie scripts. Wouldn't that be something? :D


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I've got all my scenes (I think) jotted down, so I've got the bones of my story now. I still need to go over it and add details to tie things together, and to tie this story in with Blood Ties and future stories.

When I first started working on the Scenes doc this morning, I had 35 scenes covering a full three pages. By the time I finished for the day, I had 71 scenes covering almost eleven full pages. I figure I should end up with a rough draft of somewhere between 85,200 and 142,000 words. I don't expect to finish it by the end of November. My plan is to write a (roughly) 2,000-word scene each day (some scenes will be shorter, some will be longer). By the end of the month, I should have around 60,000 words written. Not bad! :D

And I've tied in the first novel I wrote about Lucky with this one. This caused some things to change, and also made some things happen earlier than they did in the previous story, but I like it! :D

I also have ideas for a future novel involving Lucky and Dakota. I'm really looking forward to planning it! Dakota's really grown on me during the planning of this novel, not to mention the character journal entries I've been writing, as well as the role play (AU) stuff that's been happening. :)

And I've got a working title: Raven's Dawn, because even though it's the end of life as Lucky knows it, it's the beginning of the rest of his life!


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I've been brainstorming for this year's Nanowrimo. I'm going back to my favorite character, since I've been concentrating on him a lot in role play, but I'm going back to before the first story I ever wrote about him...back to when his mama died. Lucky Raven was 13 then, and he still thought his mother's husband was his dad. This was back before he made peace with the two siblings who always bullied him.

I've also added a new character to the role play (see my userpic above--of a younger Ben Hill--for my character model), but he first enters the scene in the novel I'll be writing next month. His name's Dakota, and he's ten years older than Lucky, but he's been through a lot of the same things Lucky has. He takes the kid under his wing and helps him through some pretty tough times.

I really love Dakota. He's very laid back, but has a very dark side that rarely shows. He's a drifter, never staying in one place for very long. He wants to see the world, meet new people, have adventures. But after the 9/11 attacks, he feels like the world's gone crazy, so he goes to the one place where he can get his bearings: Mayville, Arkansas. He served in the Marines for two years with John Raven, Lucky's older brother (the one Lucky has always gotten along with), and they are very close.

While in Mayville, Dakota will meet a future enemy. In this book, he's nothing more than the chauffeur of a very wealthy Japanese family...or so everyone believes. But he is very clever and secretive, and he will manipulate things to produce some scary future outcomes.

I'm making lots of changes to the original storyline, and I may end up combining this novel with a novella I wrote back in '08. I don't like most of that story, but it had some great moments and events. So I want to cut a lot of it out, but keep the good stuff. It makes sense to combine the two stories, so that's what I plan to do. I'm also removing certain elements and adding others.

I have several documents I'm working on for this. First, I've got the Brainstorm/Breakdown document. Then I have the Character Chart, which lists all the characters, their roles in the story, descriptions, and miscellaneous information about them. I've also created a Scenes document, in which I'm jotting down scene ideas as they come to me. I've started character journaling for Dakota, as well. And I need to start doing it for the younger Lucky. Character journaling helps me get to the heart of my characters.

All of this is so much fun. It's keeping me busy, but I'm excited about it! :D


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I've finally finished the summary for my new story, thanks to the patience and brilliant input of a friend of mine. Now I have two people reading it to look for inconsistencies; needed changes, additions, etc.; and anything else that needs to be fixed.

Tomorrow, I plan to work on a couple of character journal entries. One will be connected to this new story, and one is part of a blog story I've been working on. I'm more happy about this than any person has a right to be! :D

And to top that off, I looked out through the window a few minutes ago and saw this:

Breathtaking, isn't it? :)

And now, I'm about to get off here and relax. It's getting late, and I need some time to unwind before bed.

Have a good one!


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I've been brainstorming a new story. It takes place in the Raven story-verse, and Lucky appears in it, if only to show the villain's purpose and how far he'll go to "get even" with the hero, Buck L.

I have information on the three main "good" characters. I still need to gather information on the villain. I have his name and a tiny bit of his background. I even have a character model for him. YAY! :D

And I've been brainstorming ideas for the story. There's lots of danger and intrigue, romantic entanglements, humor, frustration, a murder / attempted murder, and complications (though I need to add more to keep the suspense going in the saggy middle).

This has been a blast, and I'm far from finished. I hope to have some friends look at my summary when it's done to give me valuable input.

Lucky has already written a character journal entry, too. :) I need to have the others write some. It helps me get into their heads better. I love that!

Anyway, that's what I've been up to lately. As always happens when I'm working on a story, other things have taken a back seat, such as my knitting. I hope to work on my cardigan later this afternoon, but we'll see. When I'm involved in a story, it's hard to drop it for something else, but I'll try. ;)

Have a good one!


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Yesterday, I wrote the first two pages of a new story. I only wrote two pages because I had to do a lot of research, too. Today, I wrote down things about the three main characters--the hero, his best friend, and another character who plays a very large role in the story. Tomorrow, I'll brainstorm with paper and pen while I babysit. I look forward to the challenge. I just wish I could get some help!

Oh, and this story takes place in the Raven universe. My two main characters know Lucky, his brothers (John and Joey), and his father (Ten). In fact, the main character's best friend is also a very close friend to Lucky. It's a small, small world, after all! :P I haven't yet decided if Lucky will make an appearance. He probably won't, since it takes place in Hawai'i, but there might be mention of him, at least.

And now, I've got to run.

Have a good one!


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