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I've written chapter one already--2,637 words!

In this chapter, I've introduced Lucky and some of the other characters. Because he's sick with the flu, you get to see how much people care for him. You also see, first hand, what a jerk his "father" is. I tried not to put too much dialog in, because my writing tends to be dialog heavy. I wanted to balance it out with other things. I hope I've done a good job of it, but I realize this is the rough draft, and I don't have to be too picky about it. I just need to get the story down.

Actually, trying to ease off the dialog is helping me think of other aspects of the story, so it's a good thing. I just hope I don't go too far in the other direction and end up with a story full of commentary and description! :P

I think I'll be alright, though. I'm too used to writing dialog not to add it. Besides, what would a story about Lucky be without his voice? And I'm only at the beginning. Nothing to worry about. :)

Now I'm getting ready to do some writing sprints and work on chapter two--about Dakota. I look forward to it!

And tonight is the write-in down at Moka Joe's. Can't wait! :D


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