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Jeff's minor surgery is tomorrow, and I still have to get things ready for that, but I wanted to post about this past weekend.

What wouldn't be all that special to most people, I found exciting. I haven't been to very many farmer's markets, so I had a great time going to the one in Fort Smith. There weren't very many vendors out. I learned that some had gone home because the high winds kept blowing their canopies over. But I got to talk to a woman from one of the farms I discovered on Facebook, and she told me a bit about home grown eggs, which was pretty cool. We also talked about green tomatoes, and she told me who to talk to (another vendor) about them. We bought some home made doggy treats and some chocolate chip cookies from her. They were yummy, and Nikita loves the treats. :)

We also stopped at the table of another vendor I wanted to check out, where I bought two different kinds of lotion. One is a combination of lilac and lavender, and the other is made with citronella, catnip, black pepper, etc. It sounds weird, but it smells great! It's called Bug Be Gone, and I plan to get more soon.

We also got Eric a couple of gifts for his birthday: a jack for their car, and a gift card to the hair salon inside Walmart. He loved both gifts, so we're happy. :)

And we went into town to check out the closing sale at a candle shop I love but rarely bought from (because of their high prices). I bought two lilac jar candles and a six-pack of little tarts in a scent called Romance.

And today, I've spent a lot of time treating the house for fleas, doing laundry, and catching up online. We bought some flea spray for carpets and upholstery, and I started with our room and my studio. I got everything up off the floor that I could, then I sprayed the carpet real good. I closed off the rooms and took Nikita out to the dining room (actually, she was already there--when she saw me start spraying, she made a beeline for the front of the house). I fixed breakfast, did dishes, and got dinner started in the slow cooker.

After I was done, I opened windows in the bedroom and studio, then vacuumed them. I did the same for the hallway, living room, dining room, and kitchen, being careful to cover things up. While the floors were drying, I brought Nikita back to the studio.

Then after I vacuumed those rooms, I took Chloe out of "her" room, moved her food and water and all out to the kitchen, then treated that room and the guest room. I vacuumed again after a while, opening several windows to air everything out.

And I'm still doing laundry...

It's been a long day, but I'm glad I got so much accomplished! :)

Oh, and Jeff instructed me on how to wash Nikita, as he's been the one doing it. We have a special attachment in our shower, and he showed me how to use it. He was amazed at how well she did for me. No scratching or trying to get away from me or anything like that. She did great! :D And she got to have three of her new treats for being such a good girl all day. :) After her fur dried, I put some generic Frontline on her. I treated Chloe earlier, so they're both up to date on that.

I just hope we can knock these things down. They're driving me crazy! O_O

I think I hear Jeff in the shower, so I'd better get off here so we can relax for a little bit before bedtime.


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