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It's been several days since I've posted my progress, so thought I should do that today. I've written every day this month (so far) except for the 11th, 12th, 18th, and 19th. That's 16 days' worth of writing, and only one of those was under the suggested daily amount of 1,667 words. I'm not stressing over the word count. I enjoy writing, and I write as much as I can each day. That said, looking back on what I've written, it's nice to see my stats:
Tuesday, Nov. 15 -- Daily Word Count: 4,010 | Novel's Word Count: 35,150
Wednesday, Nov. 16 -- Daily Word Count: 3,935 | Novel's Word Count: 39,085
Thursday, Nov. 17 -- Daily Word Count: 1,806 | Novel's Word Count: 47,475
Sunday, Nov. 20 -- Daily Word Count: 2,898 | Novel's Word Count: 50,373
Monday, Nov. 21 -- Daily Word Count: 1,606 | 52,044

I hope to write a little bit more. I'm about to add a new scene for Dakota. So far, the additions for his part in the storyline are going well. And now Lucky's about to meet his real dad, which really pleases me! :)

Anyway, I'm still just as excited about this story as I was when I first started planning it. I'm also looking forward to working on future stories for the series. Maybe I'll even turn them into movie scripts. Wouldn't that be something? :D


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I've been busy, but not just with Raven's Dawn. Still, I've exceeded the minimum goal every day except one, so far. Here are my stats for the past few days:
  • Friday, Day Four -- Daily Word Count: 502 | Novel's Word Count: 10,205
  • Saturday, Day Five -- Daily Word Count: 3,633 | Novel's Word Count: 13,838
  • Sunday, Day Six -- Daily Word count: 1,784 | Novel's Word Count: 15,622
  • Monday, Day Seven (so far) -- Daily Word Count: 1,788 | Novel's Word Count (so far): 17,410
Over the past few days, Lucky has found out that his mother's lung cancer is no longer in remission, and she has only a few months to live, at the most. He is devastated, and if it weren't for one older brother and his friend, Dakota, he'd be in much worse shape than he is.

And as if that wasn't enough, he and his best friend are about to have a run-in with the school bully.

But good things are coming. Can't have all the bad without giving him some good stuff too, right? :)

Out of 71+ scenes, I've only written 17. I've combined some of them into chapters, but I doubt I'll be doing much more of that, which means I've got a long way to go. Good! I like it that way! :D

And that's how it's going, so far.


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First of all, why the heck are the subject lines in my LJ Twitter posts in Russian? I'm not Russian. I'm American! :/

My final word count for Tuesday (Day One) was 5,142. Three chapters of fairly decent length. Go me! :D

Yesterday, I added 2,355 words, three short chapters, which brought my word count to 7,497.

Today I wrote one chapter, but it's a fairly good one in which I introduce all the Ravens (that's not all there is to it...there's more). It's not a boring chapter. It just doesn't have a lot of action or angst in it. It came to 2,206 words, bringing my total to 9,703. It was really slow going at first, but once it got going, I almost didn't want to stop. But I had other things to do, so I behaved myself. :)

I'll work on the next chapter at some point tomorrow. I'll introduce Lucky's mom's ongoing battle with lung cancer (she has never smoked, but her husband's a virtual chimney, not to mention a nasty alcoholic).

I'm really looking forward to the chapter after that though, as it involves Dakota protecting Lucky and basically setting their friendship in motion, so to speak, even though he's ten years older than the young teen. :)

So, I've been busy! LOL I'm still loving my story. In fact, I love it more with every new chapter I write! I kind of want to write another one now, but I'm going to wait. I just don't have the time at the moment.


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I've written chapter one already--2,637 words!

In this chapter, I've introduced Lucky and some of the other characters. Because he's sick with the flu, you get to see how much people care for him. You also see, first hand, what a jerk his "father" is. I tried not to put too much dialog in, because my writing tends to be dialog heavy. I wanted to balance it out with other things. I hope I've done a good job of it, but I realize this is the rough draft, and I don't have to be too picky about it. I just need to get the story down.

Actually, trying to ease off the dialog is helping me think of other aspects of the story, so it's a good thing. I just hope I don't go too far in the other direction and end up with a story full of commentary and description! :P

I think I'll be alright, though. I'm too used to writing dialog not to add it. Besides, what would a story about Lucky be without his voice? And I'm only at the beginning. Nothing to worry about. :)

Now I'm getting ready to do some writing sprints and work on chapter two--about Dakota. I look forward to it!

And tonight is the write-in down at Moka Joe's. Can't wait! :D


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Nanowrimo is almost upon us, and I have a few last minute things to figure out before tomorrow morning. I'm one of those writers who doesn't let enough good things happen to my heroes, so I need to see if I can come up with a few more. I added some yesterday, but I still need more. Poor Lucky just has one after another bad thing happening to him. I need to break it up just a little more.

I've combined this story with the one I wrote previously--the one I didn't like. It had a couple of really good things in it. I kept them both, but the circumstances changed a bit. No worries there. I can always adapt them to another story if I ever want to. :)

I've been writing character journal entries when I can, and that's helped with getting their voices down. I hope to continue with those throughout November and beyond (I don't count on having the novel finished by the 30th, as I believe it will be longer than 50k words...quite a bit longer, I hope). I might need to write some character journal entries for the heroes' dads in my Rogue Journals blog so I can get their voices down, too. They play somewhat big parts in the story, after all, being the major villains that they are. There's also another important character I need to get a handle on. So three characters to blog as. Am I under much pressure? No, not at all! Why do you ask? LOL

So, tomorrow, I'll start work on this novel, and I'm really excited about it. It's so different from all my other stories, including my other Lucky Raven novels. It's kind of like a prequel, because he's younger, but it's not really, since I haven't published anything. But this is my chance to make some needed changes to the Raven storyverse, so I'm all over it. :)

And on that note, I'd better catch up on here, then get to work!


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I've got all my scenes (I think) jotted down, so I've got the bones of my story now. I still need to go over it and add details to tie things together, and to tie this story in with Blood Ties and future stories.

When I first started working on the Scenes doc this morning, I had 35 scenes covering a full three pages. By the time I finished for the day, I had 71 scenes covering almost eleven full pages. I figure I should end up with a rough draft of somewhere between 85,200 and 142,000 words. I don't expect to finish it by the end of November. My plan is to write a (roughly) 2,000-word scene each day (some scenes will be shorter, some will be longer). By the end of the month, I should have around 60,000 words written. Not bad! :D

And I've tied in the first novel I wrote about Lucky with this one. This caused some things to change, and also made some things happen earlier than they did in the previous story, but I like it! :D

I also have ideas for a future novel involving Lucky and Dakota. I'm really looking forward to planning it! Dakota's really grown on me during the planning of this novel, not to mention the character journal entries I've been writing, as well as the role play (AU) stuff that's been happening. :)

And I've got a working title: Raven's Dawn, because even though it's the end of life as Lucky knows it, it's the beginning of the rest of his life!


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I've been brainstorming for this year's Nanowrimo. I'm going back to my favorite character, since I've been concentrating on him a lot in role play, but I'm going back to before the first story I ever wrote about him...back to when his mama died. Lucky Raven was 13 then, and he still thought his mother's husband was his dad. This was back before he made peace with the two siblings who always bullied him.

I've also added a new character to the role play (see my userpic above--of a younger Ben Hill--for my character model), but he first enters the scene in the novel I'll be writing next month. His name's Dakota, and he's ten years older than Lucky, but he's been through a lot of the same things Lucky has. He takes the kid under his wing and helps him through some pretty tough times.

I really love Dakota. He's very laid back, but has a very dark side that rarely shows. He's a drifter, never staying in one place for very long. He wants to see the world, meet new people, have adventures. But after the 9/11 attacks, he feels like the world's gone crazy, so he goes to the one place where he can get his bearings: Mayville, Arkansas. He served in the Marines for two years with John Raven, Lucky's older brother (the one Lucky has always gotten along with), and they are very close.

While in Mayville, Dakota will meet a future enemy. In this book, he's nothing more than the chauffeur of a very wealthy Japanese family...or so everyone believes. But he is very clever and secretive, and he will manipulate things to produce some scary future outcomes.

I'm making lots of changes to the original storyline, and I may end up combining this novel with a novella I wrote back in '08. I don't like most of that story, but it had some great moments and events. So I want to cut a lot of it out, but keep the good stuff. It makes sense to combine the two stories, so that's what I plan to do. I'm also removing certain elements and adding others.

I have several documents I'm working on for this. First, I've got the Brainstorm/Breakdown document. Then I have the Character Chart, which lists all the characters, their roles in the story, descriptions, and miscellaneous information about them. I've also created a Scenes document, in which I'm jotting down scene ideas as they come to me. I've started character journaling for Dakota, as well. And I need to start doing it for the younger Lucky. Character journaling helps me get to the heart of my characters.

All of this is so much fun. It's keeping me busy, but I'm excited about it! :D


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I've been brainstorming a new story. It takes place in the Raven story-verse, and Lucky appears in it, if only to show the villain's purpose and how far he'll go to "get even" with the hero, Buck L.

I have information on the three main "good" characters. I still need to gather information on the villain. I have his name and a tiny bit of his background. I even have a character model for him. YAY! :D

And I've been brainstorming ideas for the story. There's lots of danger and intrigue, romantic entanglements, humor, frustration, a murder / attempted murder, and complications (though I need to add more to keep the suspense going in the saggy middle).

This has been a blast, and I'm far from finished. I hope to have some friends look at my summary when it's done to give me valuable input.

Lucky has already written a character journal entry, too. :) I need to have the others write some. It helps me get into their heads better. I love that!

Anyway, that's what I've been up to lately. As always happens when I'm working on a story, other things have taken a back seat, such as my knitting. I hope to work on my cardigan later this afternoon, but we'll see. When I'm involved in a story, it's hard to drop it for something else, but I'll try. ;)

Have a good one!


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Yesterday, I wrote the first two pages of a new story. I only wrote two pages because I had to do a lot of research, too. Today, I wrote down things about the three main characters--the hero, his best friend, and another character who plays a very large role in the story. Tomorrow, I'll brainstorm with paper and pen while I babysit. I look forward to the challenge. I just wish I could get some help!

Oh, and this story takes place in the Raven universe. My two main characters know Lucky, his brothers (John and Joey), and his father (Ten). In fact, the main character's best friend is also a very close friend to Lucky. It's a small, small world, after all! :P I haven't yet decided if Lucky will make an appearance. He probably won't, since it takes place in Hawai'i, but there might be mention of him, at least.

And now, I've got to run.

Have a good one!


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