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Just checking my e-mail before I go workout, and I thought I'd update here. Things are going well. I got a new test kit for the aquariums, and I tested them all yesterday. Everything looks fairly good, but I need to get something to raise the pH level in the community tank. Monday (I think), we noticed we had two new baby guppies. Well, one of them has disappeared (likely eaten by one of the adult fish), but now we have four new teeny tiny baby guppies! :D They're so, so cute!

I've also begun buying Christmas cards. I wanted to send cards from Leanin' Tree, but they're more expensive than the ones I usually get, so I'm buying a few at a time. I love Leanin' Tree cards. :)

I've been doing a little writing. I'm working on a story for the roleplay, but I'm also writing backstories for some characters for another upcoming story idea. I also have another scene/short in mind for a story I've been thinking about for a while, but I haven't started it yet. But writing comes after homey stuff. I try to do things around the house in the mornings before I get online. This morning I just did the dishes and fed the fish. Normally, I'd be working out right now--or fixing breakfasts for the next few days, but I decided to wait a bit. I have to get some chili started in the slow cooker, and thought maybe I could work out before that, then take my shower afterward. I hope to get some writing in before my workout.

Boring enough for you? ;)

We've been hanging out at the kids' place on Tuesday nights. We switched it because Eric prefers any other weeknight to Fridays, but we can switch once in a while if we need to. Anyway, Eric's trying to get me to convince Jeff to work out with him. I'm trying, but it's not easy. I'm not hounding him or anything, but I want Jeff to be in good physical shape.

As for me, I've started doing Leslie Sansone's Walk Slim: 5 Really Big Miles. It's a lot of fun, but hard! The farthest I've gotten so far is just a little past the three mile mark. But that's okay. I'm easing into it. I want to be fit, but I don't want to kill myself doing it! :P Anyway, in spite of how hard it is--or because of it--I'm having a lot of fun. I can't wait to work out again today!

Have a good one!


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