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Jeff's finally back to five days a week. He'd been working 6-day weeks for about 2-3 months. Now that he's off that extra day, it gives us time to do some other stuff if we want to, although we haven't yet. He spent this past Friday mowing the lawn. Fun day off! :P But it freed him up to shop on Saturday. The AC in our car smells weird when we turn it on, so we have to drive around with the windows down and the AC off. Because of this, we did our shopping early on Saturday morning. We came home, Jeff did some more mowing, then took a shower, then we went out to get some new sneakers. We both needed them. I got a pair of Ryka Devotion trainers. I love them! :D We also went to PetCo. My Betta died, so we got a new one. Black Jack (his body was very dark red and looked almost black, but his fins and tail were blood red with one streak of blue) was a Crown Tail Betta. The new one is a veil tail. He's teal and blue with a little red. I also got a cory cat to replace the one that died a while back. I got a few for the main aquarium, too--including two new Dwarf African Frogs! :D I've missed having them. They're soooo cute! :)

Anyway, that's been about the most exciting day lately. :P

We've continued going over to the kids' apartment on Tuesday nights. Last week, we had Chocolate Chip Kahlua (I used Kamora instead of Kahlua, though) cake to celebrate both of their birthdays, which are exactly one week apart. I also got a few things for Chelsey. Eric had wanted some protein shake mixes for his birthday, and we'd given those to him the week before. He was really excited about them, too. :) And we also played Apples to Apples. That's a very fun word game.

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I've been working on backstories for the characters in a new story I plan to write. Right now, I'm working on their backstories so I can get to know them. These stories show where they're coming from, and it will help me determine where the main story will go. I'm really excited about it. It's an alternate universe story, but the alternate universe, at the beginning, is only slightly different from ours. Something will happen that will change things dramatically. I can't wait to explore all my ideas--ones I have now and ones I'll get later on. Writing is an adventure! :D

And that's about it. Now I've got to go grab my lunch and start roleplaying! :)

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There hasn't been a lot going on here, but things have accumulated since I last posted a real update, so here's what's been happening since then:

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Crazy Times

May. 9th, 2011 11:06 am
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I've been absent from here a lot more than usual lately. First I had a "Windows has encountered an error and must shut down" | "Windows is restarting" loop. I couldn't back up my files, because every time I'd restart the computer, it would go into this loop. Every three to five seconds it would do it, and no matter what I tried, nothing worked. I even had help from Eric and Patti, both of whom told me what to do through texts. Finally, I just formatted the hard drive and re-installed Windows. It seemed to do the trick.

Then, about two or three days later, my connection started dragging. Most pages wouldn't load at all. I tried shutting down the program I thought was causing it, but I still had the problem. Nope. It didn't work.

So, once again, I formatted the hard drive and re-installed Windows...after backing up what files I needed to. In fact, I just finished. I'm in the process of updating Kaspersky now...or soon will be, at any rate.

I had a good Mother's Day. It was quiet and boring. For once, I didn't let the computer problems frustrate me. LOL! Jeff and I bought Chelsey a slow cooker cook book. Before I wrapped it, I looked through it...and promptly told Jeff that I wanted one. He was open to that, and we went to the store last night and bought me one. :)

I talked to my mom last night before we went out. She's coming here on the 21st...Chelsey's birthday. Jeff won't be able to do any medium or heavy lifting, so that leaves me to load her wheelchair and super heavy luggage into the trunk...and to push her up the back ramp. Oh, joy! :P It will be good to have her here.

I just hope we can knock out the fleas by then! I got bit twice on the arm yesterday. We're planning to get generic Frontline. I'm not sure what else. I'd like to go down to Petco and see what they have that Walmart doesn't. It's at the point where I want to find another home for Nikita. She's a good dog. I just can't take the fleas anymore! O_O And as if the fleas aren't bad enough, my skin's been really dry and itchy. Anyone know of a really good lotion that's not greasy?

Oh, and about Jeff. He'll be having minor outpatient surgery on the 16th. He's not looking forward to it, of course, but it has to be done. I have to stay at the hospital, so I plan to take my laptop with me. Chelsey will drive us there, then pick us up when it's done. He'll have about a month of recovery. The first two weeks, he'll be able to do light lifting. The second two, he'll be able to do medium lifting. I sure hope they tell us what that means exactly. What constitutes "light" and "medium" lifting?

So, that's the crazy life I've been leading lately. What's up with all of you, my peeps?


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