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As I said on Facebook and Twitter, my word count for today was 5,194, bringing my total for the week, so far, to 14,366. At the moment, my two main characters are 16 years of age, and already they've gone through hell — well, Kal has, at any rate. Sha is just disgusted with the human race, in general. (I'm just using the first three letters of their names. I must protect the identities of the innocent, after all. ;))

Anyway, it's been a very good writing day. I'm not sure how the edits will go when I'm done with this thing, but I know I'll need to add in more description and makes the circumstances feel more terrifying, but I will definitely be leaving out some of the gory details. Some of the stuff Kal is going through, I can see it happening, but there's no way I'm going to write it all out, even though I certainly could. I'll write enough to make it obvious what's happening, but no way am I going there.

That said, I am having a lot of fun writing this story, so far. And I'm really happy with my word count. I was starting to think it would be a struggle to reach 12K by Friday. It started out really slow, but the more I write, the better it gets, thus my happiness. And at this rate, I may end up at 20K by the time I'm done on Friday. :)

The three beings in this scene are humanity's only hope for survival, in a way. They are the Divine Ones, and they have followed the Mori and their forbears, demonic prisoners aboard an asteroidal prison, to earth.

Bear in mind that this is a very rough draft. It will need a ton of editing before I can say I am through with it.

Anyway, here it is:
On a mountaintop overlooking the carnage, a bright light flared. It disappeared as suddenly as it had arrived, leaving behind three beautiful golden beings. The two males looked very much alike. The twins, Archar and Aron, both wore the same expression on their handsome faces, the expression of grave concern. The woman wore no expression, but her eyes spoke of great compassion and intelligence.

"Where do you think they have gone?" Archar, the long-haired one, asked.

"It is most likely that they have gone to the deepest parts of the earth," Chaaya, the woman, answered.

"How do you know this?" Aron asked. His arms bulged and contracted as he repeatedly balled his hands into fists, eager to fight some demons. He gazed down at the great dust cloud below them. "We can't even see them."

"We do not have to see them," Chaaya said quietly. "I can feel them. Even now, they are slithering into caves and sinking down to the bottom of the oceans. Their numbers have dwindled. They will not act yet. They must find a way to replenish their numbers."

"How can you be sure they will do this?" Archar asked. "They may recover faster than you anticipate."

"They will not," Chaaya shook her head. "They know we are here. They will bide their time."

"Why not go back to Tariel and gather an army?" Aron asked, resting his hand on the hilt of the sword that hung at his side. "They need to be obliterated before they can wreak havoc on this planet."

"And who will fight?" Chaaya asked. "Very few of us are left, and those who survived the war have more important matters to attend to than some strange planet on the far side of the universe which means nothing to them. We are on our own."

"Three of us against five hundred of them?" Archar asked, grinning. "I think we can handle that."

"Don't get cocky, Archar," Chaaya said sternly. "There is not one of us who is a match for Kangzii, and once he and Korolae join their forces, we will be in serious trouble."

"And so will this planet," Aron added.

"If it is to be just three of us, we must devise a plan," Archar said.

"I have already begun devising one, my brothers," Chaaya said. She turned and began to walk away from the carnage, and her brothers followed her, eager to learn what she had brewing within her clever mind. "These people need more than guardians and protectors. They need heroes — heroes among their own kind."

And now I need to get off here, because it's time to start dinner. Thankfully, we're having stuff that can be fixed quickly in the microwave!


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