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Jeff's finally back to five days a week. He'd been working 6-day weeks for about 2-3 months. Now that he's off that extra day, it gives us time to do some other stuff if we want to, although we haven't yet. He spent this past Friday mowing the lawn. Fun day off! :P But it freed him up to shop on Saturday. The AC in our car smells weird when we turn it on, so we have to drive around with the windows down and the AC off. Because of this, we did our shopping early on Saturday morning. We came home, Jeff did some more mowing, then took a shower, then we went out to get some new sneakers. We both needed them. I got a pair of Ryka Devotion trainers. I love them! :D We also went to PetCo. My Betta died, so we got a new one. Black Jack (his body was very dark red and looked almost black, but his fins and tail were blood red with one streak of blue) was a Crown Tail Betta. The new one is a veil tail. He's teal and blue with a little red. I also got a cory cat to replace the one that died a while back. I got a few for the main aquarium, too--including two new Dwarf African Frogs! :D I've missed having them. They're soooo cute! :)

Anyway, that's been about the most exciting day lately. :P

We've continued going over to the kids' apartment on Tuesday nights. Last week, we had Chocolate Chip Kahlua (I used Kamora instead of Kahlua, though) cake to celebrate both of their birthdays, which are exactly one week apart. I also got a few things for Chelsey. Eric had wanted some protein shake mixes for his birthday, and we'd given those to him the week before. He was really excited about them, too. :) And we also played Apples to Apples. That's a very fun word game.

I've been doing a lot of walking lately. I walk between five and seven miles every day. My knees and the area just above my knees were very stiff for a good two to three weeks. I finally checked that out on My Fitness Pal and found out that it's normal to have stiff knees when you first start working out a lot. So I just worked through it, paying close attention to how my legs felt. I also put in some hand weight moves for strength training.

Anyway, I've also been tracking how much I eat. My Fitness Pal makes it easy to enter everything in. They calculate your calories, carbs, fat--everything else for you. It's motivational for someone like me who hates taking a lot of time to add everything up.

In the five weeks since I signed up, I've lost about six pounds! :D And my knees are starting to feel a lot better, too. I feel healthier than I have in a long time. I've actually been eating at least one salad every day, usually with some kind of meat or nuts in it for protein. I'm really excited about this. :)

I've been working on backstories for the characters in a new story I plan to write. Right now, I'm working on their backstories so I can get to know them. These stories show where they're coming from, and it will help me determine where the main story will go. I'm really excited about it. It's an alternate universe story, but the alternate universe, at the beginning, is only slightly different from ours. Something will happen that will change things dramatically. I can't wait to explore all my ideas--ones I have now and ones I'll get later on. Writing is an adventure! :D

And that's about it. Now I've got to go grab my lunch and start roleplaying! :)

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The other advantage to shopping early is less people. Trust me, I'm an expert in this area. ;) That's one reason I'm glad to have my Fridayes off again--go out, get things done, and still have plenty of time when I get home. Hate crowds. *shudder*

Date: 5/30/12 09:10 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] sparowe
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I remember. It's funny, because my cramps sound as bad as that's described. Mine tend to be intense, stabbing pain that can induce vomiting. Doubt my advice would be any good though, since my own way of dealing with pain that severe is to take IBU if I need it, and keep going. *shrug*

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